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This is how to use and how to reach me BJWebb.
My email address is this addy graphic you will need to type it into your email.

KidScienceLink is a 'human-reviewed' Directory of Science Resources for everyone.

I keep graphics to a minimum and textual keywords to a maximum. I always use what each site, I list, says about themselves. Every site is chosen by BJ Webb and every site is tested by BJ Webb before it is listed. Sometimes site content changes if you see something is wrong with a site I have listed email me and I will change it.

LinkAlarm has been my only employee in the last 12 years. They send me a report, every two weeks, on links which need attention to keep the links un-broken.

Navigation for KidScienceLink is via the Headers and Footers on every page plus in some multiple page areas numbered page links are in place.

In the Science section, you will find the sub-navigation, you see below listing the pages avaliable. The Science are general topics and as yet un-catagorized.
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My main directory's KidsOLR's Science has become so large that in time all of the Science pages will be moving to KidScienceLink.

I select THOUSANDS of links to educational resources and I have more in the cue eager to go on KidsOLR and KidSciencLink.


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